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So, I’m talking to my cat…



I worry.

A lot.  I worry about everything.  My kids.  My family.  The new condo building going up down the street from the elementary school.  Politics.  Whether or not my children actually remember their manners when they are away from me.  (!!!)  Bless their hearts we try hard.  And sometimes I worry about myself.

I asked my cat to brush his teeth the other morning and I swear, I thought that was the end.  I was sure my mind was going.  You see, I am always trying new organizational techniques to try to find something that will help us get out the door, teach good habits and keep the children up with their chores, activities and homework.  Plus – we have 1 ASD child and one 5-year-old, just to mix it up good.  We’ve tried charts with stars, time outs (Who does this work for??  My children think its fun!), checklists and good ol’fashioned hollering.  I think I have found something that seems to work for me though (for now)…. I made the children little schedule sheets for morning, afternoon and bedtime.  They are all different according to responsibilities and age.  They change every week, so that the chores change and on days where the children have activities after school the times are more like “guidelines”.


A’s Afternoon Schedule

4:00 PM Snack, Homework, Put away laundry,

6:00 PM Dinner

6:30 PM chore: Take Recycling Out

7:00 PM Freetime

They have to follow each sheet before any free time of any kind and I only give 1 reminder with a 10-minute time allowance to fix their chore, homework, etc.  If the timer goes off, they then choose one of two possible consequences for their infraction.  Now that I’m writing it out it sounds a  little complicated, but really its very simple and it has cut down on my shouting at the children to do every little thing.  The timer does most of the work.  It either goes off and the work is done.  Or it goes off and the child chooses their consequence.  (I don’t give a consequence if they’re working on it when the timer goes off.)  Anyway.  It was day 2 of our new chore/work system and was going pretty well and I was giving Mr. M a first reminder about brushing his teeth and I just couldn’t find him.  The children run all over the house in the morning like little chickens and I dunno, I looked and the first face that I saw at about the height where Mr. M would be was George, our cat, so I said, “Go brush your teeth!”.  George glared at me in disgust and curled up again on his chair in the kitchen.


G was there!  It was odd.  He said, “I don’t think that’s something cats do honey”.  I thought well, that was it.  It was a nice run, but the marbles are ready to roll.  I’m a few colors short of a crayon box.  Since then, I’ve made up with George and we’ve discussed how I shouldn’t expect him to brush his teeth and he wanted to know if he could have more canned food.  I said no.  (Ok, maybe he didn’t say that – but he was thinking it.  I could tell.)  I’ve chalked my missing marbles up to a lack of coffee and not getting out of bed earlier.  A constant problem for me.  Oy vey.  I’ve even had my doctor tell me that my “disorganized brain” is due to being with several young children all day, every day and that over time, as they get older, my brain processes should return (hopefully) to normal.  There is actually a medical term for it, I can’t remember it at the moment.  (Ha!)  There really is though.  Its an inability to go completely from one thought to the next because of constant  and repetitive interruption.  I have actually gotten better, but obviously, re: my conversations with George the cat, not back to normal.  In the meantime, it helps to have an understanding pet.

Be Fierce.  Organize those children!  Holler at the babies less!  Talk to your pets!








Children's Schedule



I think we’re all getting a little weird from being inside too much.  The weather has had the schools closed for two days due to cold temperatures.  My daughter has started playing with an imaginary reindeer.  My middle child thankfully has a playdate for most of the day and my oldest (ASD) is so off his schedule I’m pretty sure that anxiety is setting in.  He’s not sure if he’s coming or going and its really stressful for him!  I know its winter and this happens.  Somehow because it was so close to the holidays, I was just completely unprepared this year.  Could we have had a warning?  I guess not.  Weather doesn’t really rsvp…  Its so hard for us to keep up with our usual activities because it requires SO much more effort to get out in the snow and get from place to place with all our winter “gear” when all I can think of is wouldn’t it be nice to be warm and cozy inside??  And then of course we stay inside all warm and cozy until we all go bonkers and have to venture out in the snowflakes (when its actually warm enough for snowflakes), its a vicious cycle.

In other news, I really dropped the ball with my preschooler’s “homework” documentation this past fall and I am trying to keep up with it now.  I just, I just don’t take it seriously.  I mean, until recently, she was 3.  3!!  Who has homework when they’re 3??  Anyway, we did it, but I didn’t document it and then when she got  her end-of-year “award” it was horribly incorrect due to lack of documentation (my fault.  boo.)  So, I’m trying to just “go with it” and not over think it and just submit the documentation for her work at home so that she’ll get the correct “award” at the end of the quarter.  (It was really hard not to roll my eyes when I typed that.  I may have still done it.  A little.)  Ahem.  Moving on…

We’re picking out 1 sport activity and 1 art activity for the kids to do and due to my fabulous organizational skills, most everything is already full until spring….  but, I think I have found some openings for classes at our local YMCA so we’re going to see if that will work out.  *crosses fingers*  I’ll try again for the original classes we were going for in the spring and I’ll sign them up EARLY!  (maybe now!!)  We’re also beginning pre-planning for our summer trip and A’s birthday party (we’ll have to plan it before we leave in June).

So, new goal!  Get on schedule!  I can do it!

Be Fierce.  Find your schedule.