SAHM, Thanksgiving



Happy Thanksgiving!  (Almost)

My mons-ners are already out of school for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We’ve been talking a lot about pilgrims and the Mayflower.  They’ve been pretty excited about it because we apparently had a relative on the Mayflower (my husband’s family).  We talked about what their trip must have been like and how different their lives were than ours.  Anyway, its been nice and even relaxing talking through all of this at home and not having to “drill” things in to ther little brains for a test or a homework assignment.  Makes me admire homeschooling.  Or unschooling?  Have you heard of that?  Its a branch of homeschooling I believe.  In any case.  We originally had all these intentions of getting out and going and doing today and then the most miraculous thing happened.  The mons-ners started playing.  Together.  Without (too much) fighting.  With TOYS with NO BATTERIES or CORDS or SOUNDS!!  (!!!)  O.O  Look at my shocked eyeballs!!  O.O  And they have been doing that all day.  We took a break for lunch and then they went right back to playing.  They played legos and zhu zhu pets and with the cardboard boxes and with legos IN the zhu zhu pet houses and then with dog action figures in the zhu zhu pet houses and then somehow “shopping” with the cardboard boxes….  And you know what??  My DH was able to actually sit with us AND work from home at the same time.  I was able to get a “break” at home, while being close to everyone.  I worked my word-find puzzles in my little fancy word-find book (its purple and sparkly and doesn’t make me feel like I’m 8).  I zoned out on Facebook doing absolutely nothing.  I ate raisins and drank sipping chocolate (a gift from DH).  I played Words With Friends with my cousin in FL.  Its been a lovely lovely day. I’m hoping for a yummy spaghetti dinner and a movie night.  And I am thankful.  Thankful that my mons-ners occasionally do exactly what I wish for.  It makes my heart sing that they are enjoying each other so much and using their imagination without needing a lot of prompting or instruction.  My little ASD guy, he’s getting into it, he’s using his imagination to play and I know that isn’t something that is entirely natural for him, but he’s getting better at it!  Its so fun to see.  I love to hear them talk to each other and have conversations and hear what is in their little brains.  I do wonder though, are they so relaxed and playing so nicely because I’m totally relaxed and not trying to rush around to get a million things done for deadlines etc?  I hope you and yours have a wonderful nesting Thanksgiving holiday.

Be Fierce.  Nest.