Ode To Thy Vegetable


So I’m sitting here writing my weekly meal plan.  Using one of my daughter’s colored pencils because my boys have taken all the pens and pencils in the house and I refuse to go buy anymore.  Its lime green.  My pencil I mean.  Maybe that means we’ll eat more greens this week.  I do try.  I always have a giant box of salad (baby spinach actually) in my fridge and I put spinach in just about anything it will reasonably go into.  In any case.  I am on week 5 of this on-again-off-again cold.  I’ve started “living” with it, exercising with it, going to meetings at the school with it.  (I actually “toasted” one of the teachers with my DayQuil bottle this afternoon – no lie.)


I think it either needs to warm up or I’m going to have to move to Arizona or something to get this cold to go away.

And scene!
I mean, sinus infection!  *headdesk*  I finally broke down and went to the doctor.  It seems I have had a sinus infection.  I just can’t feel sick and take gigantic antibiotics that make me have wonky issues AND also be “dieting” or whatever.  I am not even sure I’m a dieting person.  I think I might just have to figure out how to maximize my cardio because I (apparently) like to eat.  Why are women always trying to be so thin anyway??  Isn’t there any way I can just be so excited that I’ve “got game” in my super-hard kickboxing class and be proud of that? Or enjoy the fact that I paddle-kicked up and down the lanes of the pool for an hour on Saturday?  What about that?  I think that should count.  I like to exercise most of the time, I really do.  Its the food stuff that I have trouble with.  So when I was at the doctor, he mentioned fresh foods of course and less processed etc etc which all means I need to try to at least put my toe back into the WHOLE 30 thing again.  Now, I’m not going all bonkers because I am a southern girl and refuse to give up biscuits completely, but yes, I agree the processed foods should be cut back.  Here’s more info on Whole 30 if you just made a face like, “wha?”.  Whole 30
So, as I finish up my meal plan I’m trying to add more fresh veggies and less breads and more fruits and less things that come in a box (except my salad of course).  Its easier to plan with a list of ingredients for specific meals than to just have ingredients that I am not familiar with and then try to “create” meals.  That never works well for me.  That would turn out to be a scary Frankenstein meal.  Or we would just have raw vegetables.  Ok fierce people.  Battle those germs!  Eat those veggies! (or maybe just my salad!)
Be Fierce!  #EatClean