Its Nice to Make Your Acquaintance



I’m sure I mention on here a lot that my DH travels for work quite a bit.  Generally, I really don’t mind being in my “bubble” as I fondly call it.  (I generally don’t leave my little 3-mile radius bubble too often.  Especially during the school week.)  However, on occasion it can feel a little isolated or just like I might need a change of scenery.  Over the years I have built in different little fail-safes for when things like this happen.  For example:  If I need some time “away” from the kiddos, I find that PTA meetings or parent groups (with childcare provided) generally provide some socialization and give me something else to focus on outside of the home.  Similarly, going to the gym provides me with 1) a workout 2) socialization if going with a friend and 3) two-hours of free childcare.  I have noticed though, that if anything happens to change our schedule, an illness coupled with icy weather for example, and we’re often hunkered down at home for days with very little outside contact except for hired help.  This one I have had to learn…. that its ok to hire help when you need it!  It really is.  So if no one has every told you that before, I’m telling you now.  When you’re not at your best, its ok to hire someone to help you!

It can feel strange to talk about feeling isolated when you have 3 children, but its really just a lack of adult interaction.  I do not have the time to keep up with many friends.  (sorry friends!!  See you in about 10 years!)  Unless of course the friends have children who are actively involved with my own children.  The result is that I now have quite a few acquaintances.  Remember “acquaintances”?  Like you see in movies or read about in books?  Its like that.  And really, its kind of nice!  I have acquaintances that I see every morning when dropping my children off at school.  (Some neighbors even before that while we’re waiting on my daughter’s bus.)  Some I see at church activities.  Some folks I see literally every afternoon on the playground.  I would not call us friends.  We don’t go out socially.  We only talk about the weather or school events.  It has taken me a while to get used to not having “close” friends any more, but I have come to the conclusion that this is just where we are in our lives right now.  I know that not everyone of my age group is like this.  My cousins for example are constantly running around with their BFFs.  Maybe the BFF crowd just isn’t for all of us.

Be Fierce.  Embrace your acquaintances.