A little spark of goodness


I’ve had a little spark of goodness shining in the dark.  I have been trying to make myself get back to my gym schedule lately.  When I’m on a schedule, I don’t think much about it and its really just something I check off my to-do list.  Sometimes I just walk the treadmill for 20 minutes and leave, sometimes I do a full kickboxing class, but whichever – at least I did *something*.  Last Tuesday I did a Zumba class which I had nearly forgotten that I love.  It was so fun and really lifted my spirits to go.  Afterwards I went to the gym for about 20 minutes or so to finish my workout and then I gathered my things and went home.  By the end of the night I was very tired.  It was maybe 9:30pm when I got home.  I put my “stuff” away, cleaned up the kitchen, picked up toys etc and hit the hay for the evening.  The next morning I was rushing out the door (of course) to take the boys to school and I couldn’t find my purse!  Oh no!  Argh!!  So frustrating.  Eventually I just took them anyway, no license or anything on me.  Later in the day I combed my house – no sign of my purse.  I went through the car – not there.  I started to call around to everywhere I had been the evening before.  Nope.  I was so frustrated with myself!  Why am I always putting things in random places?  Can I not just put things away when I get home?  I swear I try so very hard to do that.  I was literally kicking myself on the inside.  The next day, I started calling credit card companies and I put a temporary alert on my credit.  I learned that one of my credit cards had been used for a very small amount at a corner store.  *sigh*  Ok.  It was swiped.  Mostly I was bummed about losing my wallet.  I love my purses and wallets and bags.  I collect them really.  I am very attached.  It felt very uncomfortable to think that someone had gone through my purse and used my card and ugh, it just nearly made me queasy.

I worked all afternoon on convincing myself that its just “stuff” and I can replace it and there wasn’t much damage done thankfully and I had taken precautions just in case.  I tried to focus on the healing part of the ordeal.   It had then been 2 days after the loss, I probably wasn’t going to get it back.  That evening I got an e-mail.  My purse had been found!  Oh hallelujah!  It was found at the gym!  I was super super excited!  But then almost immediately so nervous.  Was my wallet in there?  (That particular wallet cost about 3 times what the purse did.  I know, I know, hold the judgements please.  Its my favorite.)  What about my ID?  I was on pins and needles.  G and I rushed out to the gym as soon as a babysitter arrived and it was there.  Purse, wallet, cards, CASH and ID.  Ok, some of the cash was missing… but not all of it!! I could not believe it!  Its a Christmas miracle!  LOL!  There are good people in the world!  Maybe someone was just super hungry or super conflicted or having a really bad day and then they saw the handwritten notes that I keep in my purse from my kids?  Maybe that is too sentimental.  Maybe they just made a bad choice and wanted to make it right.  Whatever happened.  How ever it happened.  I am so very thankful and I have just a bit more faith that most of the time people will do the right thing when then can.
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