Calm Before the Storm


Can I just say that I love love spring?  I just love all the little flowers that pop up everywhere.  I love the beautiful smells in the air.  I have an enormous lilac tree (it would be a bush, but its just huge) in my backyard and it just smells heavenly.  Especially when its humid or after a rain.  I just feel my blood pressure drop when I go outside and fill my lungs with that sweet air.  I do that sometimes.  I just walk outside and breathe.  Its not like I don’t have air in my house, but often I feel like I can’t breathe enough of it IN without going outside.  Maybe its a side effect of being cooped up for much of the winter?  I know that I should be in spring cleaning mode dashing around opening up the house, scooting the dust bunnies out… but I dunno….  a nap would be nice too.  G and I have been so drowsy on the weekends (as much as we can be going to and from soccer practices and this weekend, an arts festival), its hard to purposefully add things on to our to-do list.  Think about it.  Its warm out, the windows are open, the flowers are blooming and there is a soft breeze… it just screams NAP!!  Not DUST!!  Right??  I mean, by nap, I mean probably a few minutes of quiet if I can get it squeezed in, but still, its nice.  Today for example the children were finally playing on their own, G and I were relaxing or rather, decompressing from the past week and suddenly, Miss S runs up to me with her hands clamped over her mouth and muffles something about water.  There is a puff of air freshener when she talks.  Confused I followed her into the kitchen and demanded that she spit out whatever was in her mouth.  It wasn’t much as it turns out, but there was the air freshener smell again.  Oh no.  “Miss S!!  Did you EAT the air freshener (one of those oil fresheners that plugs into the wall)?”  Silence.  “Did you??”  Now I was panicking.  I couldn’t get her to explain without spitting on the floor, so I found the air freshener pulled apart, wick out of the holder and oil spilled.  I called poison control.  I have them programmed into my phone of course.  (This isn’t my first rodeo folks).  Anyway, after 30 seconds of explaining my situation, the poison control operator determined that although she may end up with an upset stomach, she didn’t need to go to the ER, and also told me what to keep an eye out for, just in case.  ::::collapse::::  I burst out in tears.  It was the tension.  We’d already been to the ER with Mr A this week, I didn’t think I could do another trip right now.  “Why is it so hard to keep them alive?”  I wailed.  After I calmed down, Miss S and I had a serious talk about how we only put food in our mouths and how other things MAY be harmful and that she should ask FIRST.  Turns out, she thought it would sound like a whistle and she wasn’t actually trying to eat it, but play with it.  Oy.  I swear I got 5 new gray hairs today.  So yes, a few minutes of relaxation and a few minutes of mayhem.  This is why I do not seek adventure or excitement.  It finds me.  Always.




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