Autism, Special Needs

An open letter to Principal Thiessen of Wichita East High School

My official post follows, but my first reaction is this:  Are you serious??  You actually had MEETINGS about how to take things away from children??  Really??  And you work at a SCHOOL??  And from my DH, “Did they refund the money to the parents for the coat and accessories that they bought?”.  I have no idea.  Seriously people.

Here is a link to one of the many many articles about this situation: Photo from KSN TV.

Dear Principal Thiessen,

Do you really feel that you are setting a good example for the children in your school and community by not being supportive of the special needs athletes at your school?  Do you know how hard it is for children with special needs to even function in an integrative setting let alone do it well while excelling in  extra-curricular activities?  Would YOU be able to do that?  I have to tell you, from the outside, this looks like a (sad) power struggle between the adults and children in your school district. If this a situation where you feel like you’re setting the neurotypical children on a higher plateau, apart from the special needs children because you feel that they are somehow superior, you are deeply confused.  If that makes you feel good about yourself, truly you have my deepest sympathy.  Mark my words sir, it is many of the autistic children of the world that one day many of us are going to call boss in about 15 years.  True, not all special needs children are not savants, and this child in particular also has Down Syndrome, but that is even more of a reason not to squash the children who have to try harder in their day to day activities.  We have such bigger problems in the world than trying to snatch things away from special needs children that may help them to feel like a bigger part of their community.  Let’s lift our children up in their community, support them and show them that we care.  Let’s see what they can do with us.
*Also, its a coat.  Why can’t the child wear the coat his parents bought for him?  Its for athletes.  He’s an athlete.
#LetMichaelLetter  #GiveThemLetters
Be Fierce out there, do what is right,
*this was covered at, USA Today, CBS, NBC, Reddit, and various other news outlets.  Speak out!  Make a sound!

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