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Would you go Paleo?


I’ve been looking at doing the “Whole 30” eating plan.  The basic premise is that you eat exculsively Paleo for 30 days with no exceptions and then you can moderately ease into a less restrictive Paleo diet.  I’ve been thinking about it 1) becasuse I have got to do something to increase my energy level and 2) I have a couple of friends who have gone “Paleo” and they love it, although they say it takes some discipline to start.  On the Whole 30 site it says, “Beating cancer is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Losing a parent is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard.”  That’s true.  I feel like that can includes so much more in my life when I take a step back from my life “busy-ness” and look around me.  Little things can feel hard, when they disrupt our comfort.  Let’s take today for example…  I am AWFUL about getting all the tedious paperwork done for our vehicles on time.  I do it… just not on time.  I feel like that “maintenance” red light on the dashboard of my car is like a built-in back up just for me.  Its going to stay there staring at me, until I take the car in for an oil change.  Its like the car sticking its tongue out at me blowing raspberries.  So, I did that yesterday and no more red light.  Yay!  Today I took the car in for emissions testing and then to the Currency Exchange to get a current tax sticker for the car.  I cannot tell you how I dislike those shops.  They feel dirty inside.  You would think the atmosphere alone would be enough to make me send in my payment ahead of time so that I wouldn’t have to go there.  I believe that because I’m not confronted with it, I just put it out of my mind for as long as possible.  Eventually I have days like this, where I have a panic attack, lose my phone and phone cover, step on a bumblebee and then get a ticket for not having a wheel tax (??  seriously, its a thing) all in one day and I wish wish wish I had done all of my car paperwork early.  This year I’m making my wheel tax payment online.  *cheers for not having to go into a creepy building*  Anyway, my point.  All of those little things seemed so hard, but they weren’t actually hard.  I had just built them up in my head. Eating “clean” as in a Paleo plan has been built up so much, because it pretty different than what I am used to and I have convinced myself that its hard.  I’m so intrigued by it and I can’t even tell you why.  Is it because its called, “the Cave Man Diet”?  Is it because I have friends who are doing it?  Am I really that influenced by my peers?  (still?)  I have no idea.  In the meantime, I have gotten a book about it called the Paleo Manifesto by John Durant, and I’m trying to learn more about it sort of hoping it will cure my curiosity.  I don’t think I could drink my coffee black though.  I think I would have to switch to unsweetened hot tea.  As Momastery says, “we can do hard things”!!  (Even things that aren’t actually hard, but seem hard at the time.  You know what I mean.)

#BeFierce  *Tell that car paperwork or hot tea who’s boss!



3 thoughts on “Would you go Paleo?”

  1. I too have been studying the paleo lifestyle although my problem lies in trying to change a family of 7 to it because not having the “missed” items in the house works best for me cause I won’t go to the store to buy it…even if I am craving it.


    1. Me TOO!! I think I could change myself to this type of lifestyle with some effort, but I am just not sure how I would do that with my monsners. A friend of mine went Paleo with her DH, and they just have their children mostly Paleo, with some exceptions for snacks and school lunches etc. I’m not sure I have that much discipline. I think if its in my house… I might be too tempted. 😮

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  2. I’ve been “Primal” (I believe one of the major differences between Primal and Paleo is dairy – which is strange, you’d think I’d be all for giving up dairy, being lactose-intolerant, but whatevs) for a few years now.

    …Okay, I *started* being Primal a few years ago – and when I’m well and on my feet and ‘normal’ I strive to be about 90% and am satisfied with 75%. Right now, things being what they are (unemployment, family, holidays, multiple-stresses), I am almost entirely off the wagon. I’m eating sugar and pasta all over the place lately, and I can feel it.

    HOWEVER: When I’m on the wagon? I feel *great* My skin is SO much better, I rest well, and I lose a few pounds. I eat vegetables every day (I pretty much put every meal atop a bed of baby-spinach), and I am just…. better.


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