I come with kids.


I’m gearing up for our summer trip.  Its a LOT of planning.  We’re usually gone for about 6-7 weeks during the summer and we travel from IL to TN and then to GA and FL and start making our way back up north again.  Firstly, you have to know that our family lives in GA and FL, so a lot of why we spend so much time traveling is to get our visiting in for the year.  Its really difficult for us to travel during the school year with the children, so we just do it in the summer all at once.  Its also a good alternative to just sending the children off to camp for the whole summer and pouring lots of money into that.  I feel like this is a win-win.  They get to do something really big all summer, I get to go too, we get to visit lots of family.  Its a lot of togetherness!  (the good and the bad kind!  LOL!)  I really hope it is something they will remember fondly as they get older.  I’m trying to be a little more organized about it this year so I’m making lists and lists for my lists!  Right now we’re thinking about expanding our modular packing cubes for the suitcases and getting a new cooler with wheels for the trip.  (We don’t eat much fast food on the road, so a cooler is necessary.)  I also need to figure out what we’re going to bring as far as beach toys and what we can just purchase when we get there and maybe leave until next summer.

First stop:  Nashville, TN:  We really like the Sheraton Music City hotel there.  Its comfy and nice and not too frilly for the mons-ners.

Second stop:  Gatlinburg, TN for the synchronous fireflies event.

Third stop:  Atlanta, GA – visiting with relatives!  Thought we might take the kids to the aquarium and maybe the Coke Museum.

After the third stop I need to continue planning – we’ve got to work in 2 visits with cousins, all of our parents, Disney World, my birthday, an annual 4th of July party, beach with the family and Homosassa Springs.  Seeing it all written out like that honestly looks a little crazy, but its actually not too bad.  When we get back in town, I have camp set up for the following Monday and then we’ll ease back into swimming lessons, soccer practices and getting prepared for school over the next few weeks.  Thought I might try to squeeze in a camping trip over a weekend in August if I can do that.  We’ll see what things look like.

Anyway, my point..  I do so get lost sometimes!  I travel with my kiddos.  I grew up traveling all over the place as a child and I feel like it is a learned skill.  How to travel by car (and not go crazy).  How to navigate an airport, ride a bus, a taxi, and how to enjoy just being where you are.  How to enjoy the journey.

Be brave.  Be fierce.  Enjoy your journey.




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