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That really rare, really little, mom-fashion post


I’ll admit it.  I have almost no fashion sense.  I have pretty much dressed the same since I was in high school.  Recently I sat staring with wonder when I heard a friend declare that she’s so upset that she missed the shoe sale because now she’s going to have to pay full price for her winter season boots and she feels so stupid.  :::Enter doe in headlights look here::::

I just have no response to that.  Oh.  Ok, sorry.  *shrugs*  Anyway.  Since I have been a SAHM, I have noticed there are varying types of fashion on the school grounds…..  there is the “work out mom” who is either on her way to or from a workout and so therefore in workout clothes, the “granola mom” with crunchy-nature-esque printed clothes often flowing and possibly made with 100 percent plant dye, the “all in black” mom who literally wears almost all black every day with hair sleeked back in a ponytail, “fashionista mom” dressed up in full makeup maybe for work, but maybe not, “office mom” obviously going to a corporate workplace and then a handful of us “jeans moms” who are sort of sweater and jeans types pretty much all the time.    I feel like I need one of those shows where they force you to throw out all of your clothes and make you go shopping.  Every now and then I have a cute picture of me in something, but most of the time, I see myself in pictures and think, ugh!  I have got to get rid of that piece of clothing!”.  I’m just not sure where I fall as far as fashion goes.  Occasionally when I get on a really big workout kick I fall into the “work out mom” slot……  otherwise I don’t really have a fashion type other than the sweater-jeans combo.  While I do wear make-up, I really have to be reminded to get my hair cut.  Plus, I have hair-cut phobia.  Is that a thing?  I think it might be.

I don’t fall into the “just had a baby” group anymore, but I do fall into the “omg, I’m so tired and/or busy I can’t get dressed” group.  Recently I’ve discovered getting through goals in 15-minute increments from the Fly Lady (online home care guru).  She claims that you can do almost anything in 15-minute increments and she’s kind of right.  So, after doing a little research here is what I have come up with for the spring.  If I can pull together a couple of outfits once a week – for 15 minutes, and mark it off my to-do list, hopefully this will help me feel like I’m more put together.  I’m not sure what I will look like, but if I feel better about myself I think that is the most important thing.  Sort of like little fashion goals. (oh no!  I need Fashion For Dummies!!  Do they have that??)

1) pull-on dresses – 1 piece and go!  I should be able to do this.

2) flat-front, higher-waisted, fitted jeans *no showing cracks or undies when bending over, *no “mom-jean”, pouffy fit + v-neck shirt.

3)  swapping out my sweatshirt/hoodie for a more structured light   jacket.  Maybe black, maybe navy.

And accessorize!  Honestly my sunglasses and winter coat can do a lot all by themselves.  Anyway, those are my fashion goals for the foreseeable future.  Not lofty, right?  Maybe I can keep from looking too tired and thrown together?  Do you have solutions for me??  Let me know!


#BeFierce  #MakeaFashionChange




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