Children's Schedule



I think we’re all getting a little weird from being inside too much.  The weather has had the schools closed for two days due to cold temperatures.  My daughter has started playing with an imaginary reindeer.  My middle child thankfully has a playdate for most of the day and my oldest (ASD) is so off his schedule I’m pretty sure that anxiety is setting in.  He’s not sure if he’s coming or going and its really stressful for him!  I know its winter and this happens.  Somehow because it was so close to the holidays, I was just completely unprepared this year.  Could we have had a warning?  I guess not.  Weather doesn’t really rsvp…  Its so hard for us to keep up with our usual activities because it requires SO much more effort to get out in the snow and get from place to place with all our winter “gear” when all I can think of is wouldn’t it be nice to be warm and cozy inside??  And then of course we stay inside all warm and cozy until we all go bonkers and have to venture out in the snowflakes (when its actually warm enough for snowflakes), its a vicious cycle.

In other news, I really dropped the ball with my preschooler’s “homework” documentation this past fall and I am trying to keep up with it now.  I just, I just don’t take it seriously.  I mean, until recently, she was 3.  3!!  Who has homework when they’re 3??  Anyway, we did it, but I didn’t document it and then when she got  her end-of-year “award” it was horribly incorrect due to lack of documentation (my fault.  boo.)  So, I’m trying to just “go with it” and not over think it and just submit the documentation for her work at home so that she’ll get the correct “award” at the end of the quarter.  (It was really hard not to roll my eyes when I typed that.  I may have still done it.  A little.)  Ahem.  Moving on…

We’re picking out 1 sport activity and 1 art activity for the kids to do and due to my fabulous organizational skills, most everything is already full until spring….  but, I think I have found some openings for classes at our local YMCA so we’re going to see if that will work out.  *crosses fingers*  I’ll try again for the original classes we were going for in the spring and I’ll sign them up EARLY!  (maybe now!!)  We’re also beginning pre-planning for our summer trip and A’s birthday party (we’ll have to plan it before we leave in June).

So, new goal!  Get on schedule!  I can do it!

Be Fierce.  Find your schedule.




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