Hello cupcake!


Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you’ve made it through the holiday season and if possible, had a lovely one!  Sometimes that’s the minimum, isn’t it?  Making it through a season?  Holidays can be difficult.  Especially when its a LONG season like the Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year’s marathon in winter.  And of course you add to that the lack of sunlight, kids’ winter break from school, extended family visits or lack thereof and well, its just madness.  Don’t even get me started on winter and depression, that’s a whole blog on its own.  Where does all this stress come from??  Are we trying to live up to what holidays look like in the movies?  Recreate what we believe our childhoods were like?  Comparing ourselves to friends, neighbors, relatives?  All of the above?  Whatever it is, it IS stressful.  All these articles and books come out about how to have a “stress-free” holiday, how to “simplify” your holiday, etc.  I’m just not even sure that is possible.  I mean really, are you actually going to avoid the holiday decor and madness in stores, on the street, in your e-mail even?  I much prefer to look at my stress head-on and figure out a tackle method.  What kinds of body/emotional armor do I need?  Support systems in place?  Self-care in place?  Conscious social planning?  (ie. avoiding obviously harmful situations)  Ok, let’s dive in to this holiday!  Enjoy the parts that we can!  Be thankful and self-aware through it all and day by day, make it through to the other side.  Here are a few of my holiday favorites:

1.  The lights.  I love love twinkling lights.

2.  Christmas music of all kinds!

3.  Decorating my tree!

4.  Holiday parties!

5.  Cookies and candies!  (and cupcakes of course!)

6.  Giving and getting gifts!

7.  A full house of visitors

Ok, so some of my favorites, like the full house and holiday parties are also stressful, but so enjoyable, I believe they’re worth the stress.  Its a balance.

And now, now that we’re on the other side of the New Year, let’s celebrate new beginnings!  Today is a new day, its a New Year and if you want to make a change, now is a good time to do it!  Start fresh!  I’m really on the fence about resolutions, but I did get a FitBit One for Christmas, so I’m trying to track my activity and sleep lately.  I’ve also signed up for a blogging class!

So, my resolutions:

1.  Exercise regularly whether at home or at the gym

2.  Improve my blogging

3.  Keep to my home schedule

We’ll see.  I’m going to hope for the best.  Its a new year after all, you never know.  I feel like these are very attainable for me.  I actually do all 3 of them now, but I really want to improve all 3 of them.   Lots and lots of positive vibes to all of you out there!  May your New Year start with bright, crisp weather and warm, genuine friendships!

#beFierce!  #CelebratewithCupcakes!




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