Up and Down and Up…


This is exactly how I feel lately.  Some days we’re up, some days, whew, some days its a long way down.  On the ASD front, we’ve been doing so well lately with homework that M’s special ed teacher is adding a bit to his nightly load to try to gradually increase his work to get him back in line with his classmates.  On the home front, M has been absolutely out of sorts.  He has trouble focusing, (even for him), trouble listening, following instructions, its just a mess around here.  I’ve heard from several other spectrum parents that its the “season” ie. we’re leading up to Christmas.  M doesn’t even need a calendar.  He can sense change, literally feel it coming.  Still, at least some things are improving while others are slipping.  Ya can’t have everything I suppose.

I have been just wonky.  I’ve had trouble following conversations, staying focused, being sociable.  Honestly I think my issues may have to do with sunlight – its been so very dark lately!!  I tend towards SAD (seasonal affective disorder), so I try to be in the sun when I can and use my little sun light when I remember.  I don’t know if it helps, but I don’t think it hurts.

Miss S had a run-in on the playground the other day…  *headdesk*  An 8-year-old boy was trying to take her stick away on the playground, and he pulled and pulled and yelled and pulled and eventually she put her weight into it and yanked it back and the end of the stick hit the boy in the face.  He sobbed and came over with his mom to tell on Miss S, while I was holding her off to the side.  She’s 3 you know.  Anyway, it didn’t matter what she did, he got hurt making a 3-year-old cry and in my book there’s just no other answer than, “well, you shouldn’t have been picking on her, you just never know what will happen”.  I did say that I was sorry that he got hurt, and I am sorry.  What I’m not going to do is apologize for my little girl sticking up for herself.  She is a tough, firey little cookie and I’m trying to keep her that way.  I think as a woman, she’s going to need that extra spark.  Not in a combative way, but more in a “I’m not a doormat” kind of way.

My middle child, A, has been very moody recently.  Everything is sooo dramatic.  I have been trying every week to ensure that he gets a special playdate or time with friends without his siblings.  I think sometimes he feels smothered by them.  This week his playdate was on Monday and I picked-up and dropped off his little friend.  Sometimes that little bit of effort, plus the 3 children I have to take with me, is a bit of a production, but we did it.  Whew.

I could do with some sunshine, and a drink with an umbrella.  And probably some exercise.  How about you?

Be Fierce.  Power through that rollercoaster-life.



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