SAHM, Self-Help

Trying something new!

Lots to post about, but right now, I’m trying to do something new and I’m in that “new and exciting” mode, so I thought I’d explore those thoughts today.

I’m taking a “day off” today.  (Ha!  Ok, not really, because who gets one of those, right?)  I’m reclaiming a couple of hours of my afternoon by missing my Moms R Us group and staying home to 1) reorganize myself and 2) catch up on my cleaning / chores before the weekend.

I enjoy reading vintage lifestyle books and magazines and I was researching a book on Amazon called, The Art of Homemaking by Daryl Hoole.  And yes!  Its old!  Its dated!  Its a bit cheesy – that’s the point!  So, I was reading the reviews for it and came across someone who mentioned using a modern version of home-keeping tips from the Fly Lady.  New users are called “Fly Babies” and the program is about starting new habits for 30-days in 15-minute increments until they “stick” with you.  Hence the term “Fly Babies” – using baby steps (the 15 minutes per day).  So I’m trying it.  I love self-help stuff.  I think I get that from my mom, she was always into self-help stuff.  I usually end up starting whatever new “trend” it is and then picking the parts out that I like and leaving the rest and trying something new.  Anyway, its kind of fun though and I usually get so many new ideas about things and good insight that I wouldn’t have otherwise come up with myself.  I’ll keep you posted.  The first step was to *gasp*  Shine Your Sink.  So, the challenge is to keep a clean kitchen sink for 30 days.  O.o  Thirty Days.  (Really clean, like disinfected type of clean).  I’m on day 3.  It is rather hard with a family of 5 who mostly eats at home, so we’ll see, but I’m doing ok so far with it.  The second step is to get up and approach your day like you’re going to work… in your home.  I have sort of been doing this anyway, so I’m sort of on board with this one already, but this just takes it to a new level of getting ALL the way dressed to lace-up shoes (oh no!), make-up and hair done.  The idea here is that if you “feel” like you’re ready for anything, you will be and there will be less chaos in the house when an urgent matter does occur.  (sick child at school, unexpected visitors, exterminator arriving at the door – anyone else have a problem with this one?  He just arrives at such odd intervals any old time with no warning!  I digress….)

The upsides so far:  1) I have clean clutter-free countertops!  I have such limited counter space anyway, so this is nice.  2) I do like the clean sink thing – my kitchen is in the center of my house (weird no?) so I’m constantly walking through there and it does have an impact on my mood.  The downsides:  1) Its taking some getting used to – new routine and all.  2)  I keep feeling like I’m leaving something out or not getting anything done – but its only for 30 days so I’m going to try to give it a go and see what happens and 3) it has been a little bit of a challenge with our schedule because we’re out and about so much that I haven’t actually been home enough to do all the “home care” stuff, hence my “day off” of Moms group to catch up at home.

Anyone else trying a new trend or something?  Lemme know!  How’s it going?

Be Fierce.




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