National Walk To School Day and so forth


Its National Walk to School Day and we did it!  Ok, actually the boys scootered, but in any case, we didn’t drive.  As DH pointed out, we live on the very fringes of our school district, so it was a nice walk, about a mile.  The weather was lovely for it though!  The boys began to “hem and haw” by the time we got close.  I tried to remind them that we walk this far all the time to the beach in the summer – that didn’t seem to help.  I guess carrying backpacks with lunchboxes while trying to maintain your balance on a scooter is taxing after a while.  Nevertheless, I was super proud of them! Here is the site for more info if you’d like to participate in 2015.  Walk To School Day / Bike To School Day    The date for next year is October 7th so put that on your calendar!  They also have a link so that you can upload your photos from this year onto their FB page to celebrate!  This is a global event that happens each October.  It involves more than 40 countries and all 50 states.  Our community had extra police officers out to ensure everyone’s safety while out and about this morning.  Our community has also been involved in the “Walking School Buses” idea where volunteer adults walk at the beginning and end of a group of children and either 1) pick up children along the walk to school just like a bus, or 2) meet at a designated location and walk together to school.

And…. parent bonus here.  We stopped for pie on the way home.  (That’s right, PIE!) From Hoosier Mama Pie Co. & Dollop Coffee.   This is a new pie/coffee house in So. Evanston that is a branch from their Chicago location I believe.  Anyway, SO delish!  I had the banana cream pie and DH had the pear pie.  They also offer pie FLIGHTS O.o  after 6:00PM.  So, you know, go.  And then we browsed the new eco-friendly Walgreens near us – they use solar power panels, wind turbines and geothermal energy to power the building.  Its the “Nation’s First Net Zero Energy Retail Store”.  You can read more about that here.  Its seriously the nicest Walgreens I’ve ever been in.  The displays are enticing, the lighting is bright, high ceilings, etc.  My only complaint would be that their shelves seem a little cluttered with items.  Its walking distance from my house though so I’ll definitely be back! LOL!  I’m such a creature of habit, it takes me a while to change shopping establishments which is why its been open for many months now, and I’m just now checking it out.  I feel like I need to scope it out first from the outside.  I’m a sly shopper.  LOL!

Alright Moms!  And Dads!  Be fierce!  With pie!




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