Autism, Children's Schedule, SAHM

How do you stop this thing?


Seriously I feel like I’m spinning and whirring about and I just can’t seem to stop.  Every now and again I do seem to get off of the “ride” and collapse.  Its at that moment that every thing else collapses around me.  And then I get back on the ride and here I go!  Whoooo!!  Its like spinning plates.  Let’s take Wednesday for example…

6:45 AM  – Got up, ran downstairs took Miss S to the potty, got her dressed.

7:00 AM Made breakfast

7:30 AM  Everyone got teeth and hair brushed.

7:45 AM Miss S got on the bus

8:00 AM Boys got dressed for school, I made lunches for boys

8:15 AM I got dressed, ate

8:40 AM Took boys to school

9:15 AM Cleaned up kitchen from breakfast, made dinner in crock pot – turned on for the day, cleaned up kitchen again from dinner prep.

10:00 AM Started a load of laundry

10:15 AM Came upstairs and sat down.  Whew.

DH enters and says, “What are you doing?”.  Me:  “Sitting down! I’m tired!”.  DH:  “Why?”  Me:  :::head desk:::

…and so on, and so forth.  In his defense, he apologized almost as soon as he said that and he was sure I had been running around all morning.  The next day, Thursday, the children had off from school because it was a holiday.  I had my mom’s group in the morning and brought the children to a playdate there and then we had 2 other playdates scheduled for the afternoon.  It was so fun, but so tiring.  I feel like that is how most of our days go lately.  Its a good-tired.  I try to plan our days to maximize them whether we’re at home or out and about and my emphasis is almost always on the experience and not say the tediousness of dusting my bookshelves or something to prepare for visitors.  (So, if you come over and its kind of well, lived in – sorry!)

Do you want to know what I did this morning?  I overslept…..  cause, its Saturday.  And then dashed out of bed and DH and I swept through the house declaring nonsense about soccer clothes and then dove into the truck to bring everyone to soccer practice with random fruit bars and pieces of whole fruit for breakfast.  Mercifully, DH went to the bakery to get coffee and doughnuts for us and doughnuts for the monsners and brought it back to practice.  I did the tennis-match watching of Miss S on the playground to my left and the boys at practice to my right, while trying to decipher M’s loose-goose movements on the soccer field.  He was hanging on the coach, couldn’t pay attention, kept wanting to sit down, asking for breaks, etc.  I pulled him out and asked if he needed a stimulation break, ie. hugs, jumping, running, etc.  He didn’t seem to – but I gave him the hugs anyway – sometimes that calms him down.  The poor coach was trying to be understanding and kept sending M on break and I kept being the “tough-love” mom and sending him back on the field.  So difficult to decipher between stubbornness and autistic traits.  After all the madness we went to the Farmer’s Market downtown and picked up a few fruits and veggies and came home.  That seems like last week.  Ages ago.  In the meantime, I have mopped the floors, weeded the backyard, cleaned up toddler accidents (2), gone to the hardware store and we’ve eaten dinner.  Its now about 8pm and I know this not because I’m looking at a clock, but because I literally kind of shut down at 8pm.  A switch goes off and suddenly I’m too tired to do much of anything besides find my toothbrush and go to bed.  I usually don’t *get* to go right to bed because I have to prep the house for the morning and think about breakfast meals, but still.  The tiredness.  And it is a good tired.  We’ve had an awesome day!  I love watching the kids at soccer practice, I love the Farmer’s Market, heck I love clean floor day.  There’s no way to  “let go” during the day, at any point in the week even, without some of my plates falling down if you know what I mean.  Sometimes I do let go and some plates fall and then I have to pick up the pieces and get everything going again….  And then there I am again on the whirling ride.  I think I feel a little more overwhelmed than usual right now because some of my “built-in” breaks have not been there this week and I really depend on those.  Our regular sitter has been gone and I’ve taken on a little more in the kitchen lately which seems kind of superfluous to me, but it is also important because I’m trying to improve our eating habits and move away from processed foods – and it does add to the daily workload.

Any ideas for built-in breaks?  Ways to have little breaks in your day during all the running around madness of taking monsners to and from school, playdates, appointments?  And I don’t need hour long shopping excursions, I just mean you know, 15 minutes of recharging here and there so that the umpteenth time I’m asked for juice my head doesn’t explode.  That’s all.  🙂

:::deep breath::::

So.  Be Fierce.  And Take Breaks.




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