Homework Monster


Oh he looks harmless enough, right?  Cute even.  Don’t be fooled!  He’s the homework monster!!!  Dun dun dunnnn.  My second grader has entered what I consider the “big time”.  He has homework every night that has to be handed in on time.  His answers get marked right or wrong.  (as opposed to just a smiley face or good effort marking)  Its real now.  I feel like I got on a train (the school train) and had trouble getting my balance and was very wobbly and now we’re just getting situated and figuring this whole education thing out properly.  Last year both of my boys had homework, but it was much more effort-based and somewhat optional.  This year, as they’re moving up, the expectations are moving up of course and so we’re all getting our feet on the ground for this.  Since my first grader also has homework, we now have an official “homework time” in our house which is right after we get home from school.  Sit down, do the homework, then they can have additional playtime.  (The children get some playtime on the playground after I pick them up from school so they get a chance to get their wiggles out and blow off some steam.)  Usually, its not so bad.  Sometimes.  Sometimes, it takes forever – hours even of convincing, prodding, pleading, threatening action figures, video games and lego sets which leaves me… deflated.  I literally feel like an empty balloon by the end of it all.  Especially when I’m trying to make dinner or do anything else during all of the homework negotiations.  ::::sigh::::  Anyone have any tips for this??  Non-food rewards?  Incentives?  Anyway, pair this with bedtime routines and sometimes its just all I can do to get through the evening and collapse.  Whew.  Only 11 more years of homework drama to go!  Woot!  ::::head desk:::


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