Children's Schedule

I’ll Stop the World and……..please.


Please stop the world.  From moving.  So my mom-cold?  From I dunno, a week or more ago?  Yes.  Now in my ears and I have an inner ear infection that is making me more dizzy than I’ve ever been in my life.  I’m off balance, my head is throbbing, I just want everything to stop moving around from the pressure in my head.  And yet….. nope.  Still with the regular mom-duties.  Still with the daily schedule.  Up and moving at 7AM, rush Miss. S to the potty and dress.  We had fruit for breakfast by the big window and got our hair combed and backpacks ready.  Got Miss. S on the bus, boys dressed and breakfasted and lunch-boxed.  I checked all the backpacks, combed hair, rushed everyone into the car (drove very very carefully the 1 mile to the school) and did the dual-door drop off at the school, chatted for a few minutes with mom-friends there, came home and did dishes, made breakfast for DH, went upstairs and collapsed.  And yes, I did rearrange the moon and stars so that I could go to the doctor and where I verified that I have an infection so I’m kind of just waiting for it to get better.  O.o  I did call today though after this awful bout of dizziness to see if there was anything else I could do rather than just wait.  How frustrating!! /end rant


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