Wagon Wheel


Someone help me I have fallen off the exercise wagon and I cannot get back on!  Seriously.  Assistance needed.  Exercise step-stool.  Something.  I was on the wagon and doing so well for a year + and then I gradually fell off the wagon for various reasons (hurt back, aging –  LOL!  no, but really) and got back on the wagon and then got a cold (?) and have fallen off the wagon.  Really??  A flipping cold?  A COLD has thrown me off my wagon?  What is that like a pebble in the road or something??  I’m so frustrated with myself and angry!!  And I know…. I KNOW if I could get back to where it was just a habit of going to the gym it wouldn’t even be a big deal.  I remember last early spring referring to some of my exercise classes as very “lightweight” as in, “I’m tired, but its ok, this class is so lightweight, but at least I’ll be up and moving”.  And here I sit not being able to get my energy moving in the right direction.  And I’ve got that book you know, the book of 1001 Excuses, and I swear just none of them are making much sense right now.  Maybe if I plan in advance.  I’m kind of a planner, so if its not on my calendar, I’m not going to do it.  Maybe if I just really make myself stick to my calendar I can get up and at ’em and shake a leg in the general direction of the gym.  Possibly with a reward of a fizzy fruit water and a Mama Chia snack.  (have you had those?  they’re wonderful!!)  Something, anything to get back to my wagon.  Its probably my lack of exercise that’s causing me to have the lack of energy to get exercising!  Argh!!  :::head desk::::  ok.  I’m going to try.  You try too.  C’mon…..


Be fierce.




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