Hello Soccer Fans!!  Our season has started here and the boys are so excited to be back on the field.  I am thrilled that they get the whole “team experience”.  Its a win-win.  This year is a little different for us.  Last year I coached both of the boys’ soccer teams (a U6 boys/girls and a U8 boys team).  It was a little much.  This year I am letting someone else do the coaching and honestly I think its working better already.  Both of my boys tend to not pay attention as well when I am in charge of a playdate/organized activity etc.  I’m not sure what it is.  Maybe they are so comfortable they can just let it all hang out so-to-speak and not really pay attention?  In any case, on the positive side, it was an easy introduction to sports for them.  Now, they hopefully get to hone their skills with someone a little more qualified than me and learn about listening to their coach.  *some humor implied here*  They boys are on the same team this year.  (They are sorted by age, so every other year my boys will be on the same team.)  Our first practice was Saturday and our first game was Sunday.  It was good playing from both sides and  although we don’t technically keep score, we won!  (woo!)  The organization we play with, AYSO, really values everyone playing in a non-competitive way and really learning and playing for fun.  They are very big on the children having quality time “with the ball” and getting to play all positions.  Its a really good learning experience.  One of the things I love is that M (my oldest and ASD child) can play on a ‘regular’ team, and I just feel like the social learning experience is huge for him.  In my opinion, every day on the playground, in the classroom, at playdates, playgroups and yes, therapy sessions too, he’s learning those social cues, learning facial expressions and societal norms that don’t come naturally for him.  Bonus!  Also, when he’s out there, he’s not “the autistic kid”, he’s #8 on the field.  Ok, I think there was a moment where he did lose track of the game and sat down on the field to look at the flowers, but …. you know, for the most part, he does quite well.  He’s gotten fairly decent as a goalie and really gets in there to defend the goal.  So proud!  My younger son sort of hops around the ball a lot, I think he gets nervous about kicking it.  Practice makes perfect, and as long as he’s having fun, he can hop all he wants to.  


*AYSO does have a special needs league if you’re interested in that.  Check out the website for more info in your area.  


Be brave moms.  Be fierce.  #IamAFierceMom



*Boom-de-ya-da was part of an advertising campaign launched by the Discovery Channel in 2008.  




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