Children's Schedule


Ergh.  Sneeze.  *sniff*  I think I have a cold.  Or allergies?  Or something.  A cold I think.  So, short post.  

Uh, so I wrote the special needs T.A. in question (from previous post) a nice note and we’re going to start off on a good foot this year!  *crosses fingers*   And I *did* go to that exercise class (Zumba!), and I did feel better afterwards.  Love a good workout.  Its like pulling teeth to get me there, but once I do it, it feels great.

 Today was a big day, I have family that arrived in town today and the children had their Ice Cream Social at school, so we ran home, got M through most of his homework and ran back to the social at school.  (new PTA car magnet!  woot!)  Ice Cream!!  Before dinner!!  O.o   <— Wonky eyeballs.  What could go wrong??  O.O    <—- Big eyeballs.  So, got the kids nice and sugared up, let them run around the playground, ran home, ate dinner, bathtub,  bedtime routine and bed.  Whew!  (an hour late.  boo.)  

I think when you have a mom-cold, you should get a pass on doing dishes.  Don’t you think?  Anyway.  Most of my dishes are done, but I just couldn’t do anymore of them so I just left them and will have to work on it in the AM before breakfast.  Right now my sinuses feel like they might explode.   So that also means I have laundry half-finished and lunches that aren’t packed for tomorrow and I’m basically just going to take some cold medicene and pass out.  Moment by moment, maybe I’ll feel better in the morning.  Right now I have clean, fed children who have done their homework and right now with the way I feel, I’m taking that as a win.  #win!

Family is settled in downstairs and I just now realize I have not the foggiest idea what we’re all going to do this weekend.  Ha.  *deep breath*  I’ll figure something out I’m sure.  

1 day left until the Man burns at Burning Man.  You can watch the live feed here.  

I’m on day 12 of 16 with handling my mons-ners by myself although I do now have some family in town to help deflect the questions, juice requests and lego battles.  

Be Fierce Moms!  *sniff*  Take those vitamins!  




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