Burning Man

The Man Burns in 10 Days

So, I’m sort of counting up and down at the same time?  Days down until the Man burns at Burning Man.  Days up until dear hubby comes home and I can breathe!  (woo!)  Day 3 out of 16 of handling my 3 mons-ners on my own!  It went well folks, we had a good day (or two, what day is it?).  This is the only problem with this being “just me” in this little child-centric world here.  I literally don’t really do anything else.  I don’t watch news, I don’t go out of our township unless I have an appointment somewhere and there is a babysitter, I literally live in a bubble of a 5-mile radius.  Oddly, most of the time I kind of like it.  I guess its not really a problem.  I know  LOTS and I mean LOTS of people in my bubble and I find that really comforting.  Yesterday I did my new-agey athletic NIA class and then hatha yoga later in the day with a play date in the middle of the day.  The kids love the gym – built in play date and I get a break!  Bonus!  Plus, it forces me to exercise.  Once I get going on a regular exercise schedule, I’m good – I’m there and self-motivated.  When I fall off the wagon, such as when I hurt my back this past spring – ugh – not easy to get back on the flipping wagon.  

*life moments* that take my breath away:  

So the mons-ners made this really awesome apartment building-type thing for their stuffed animals and they wanted to paint it and I kept telling them to wait for a rainy day and it almost rained today so I said that was close enough.  

Here is how they decorated it:  10572242_10152329082962104_1350850395752721503_o


Lovely!  The end product is even more colorful.  Lots of orange and pink.  Very 60’s.  

And I got my awesome Mama Ninja shirt today from Mamapowergear.com and I flipping love it.  I haven’t gotten this much “attention” since I was in college.  LOL!  It’s a “hot mom” shirt.  Put it on, and you’re hot!  

*life moments* where I take a deep breath:

Monday at the afternoon playdate where M saw his 1st grade teacher and ran up to her and obviously wanted to engage her, but couldn’t keep focus long enough to carry on a conversation.  WH-questions are so hard for him.  (WHERE did you go this summer?  WHO did you see? etc.)  He has improved so much and can often answer some of those questions…. but not Monday.  Couldn’t keep eye contact.  Couldn’t focus on the conversation.  Kept interjecting video game knowledge to the conversation about our 7-week trip this summer.  You know, I know he has problems, but sometimes they are neon glowing colors.  This was one of those times.  Luckily, his teacher was well aware of his communication deficeits and bless her she did work well with it while trying to engage him.  

Tonight after my appointment downtown ended early (woo-hoo!  2 hours of me-time!!  Yippee skippee!) I went to Barnes & Noble of course and was perusing the books looking for a page-turner. I picked up a book and preceded to start reading the jacket and I’m skimming the summary…..  “Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, I wonder what the plot is about?  Oh wait.  Oh, right.  Most people don’t actually have an everyday life like that with their child.  Ok.”.  And My head just drooped and I rolled my eyes and just kept walking towards the cookbooks.  Flipping book I picked up.  It was a FICTIONAL story about a boy with Aspberger’s.   I wasn’t sure whether to be upset or offended.  Really??  That’s entertainment??  I mean, I guess.  I don’t know.  I don’t think its entertaining, trying to get your kids to “jump into the car” only to have your autistic child have to do his little ritual things to get into the car.  Or have an order of who gets in the car first, second, etc or there is an actual tantrum.  Or heaven forbid have to try to get him out of the car when he just refuses to go.  I mean, he’s nearly 8, almost as tall as me, if he doesn’t want to go, I can’t do a whole lot to make him go.  *shrugs*  Whatever floats your boat I guess.  I’d rather read about making cupcakes.  Or you know, steampunk vampires, but whatever.  

back to our regularly scheduled programming:

And I found out today that Miss. S got accepted to preschool and our preferred time and teacher (yay!) so, very excited to hear that!  (I had to actually go to the school and interrupt a meeting to ask because I still hadn’t gotten a phone call or letter, but you know, whatever, its my job, right?  Do it Like a Job and all that? )  And I have e-mailed M’s teacher to set up a meeting so that he can meet her briefly before school starts and so that I can go over some strategies for focus during his school “work time”.  And so it starts.  I need to get organized.  Meeting is Thursday.  I’ve already had e-chats with his special ed teacher from last year to get things ready to get started this year.  Its a group effort!


Listening to:  BMIR

Random News:  Our glass doorknob to the bathroom uh, broke I guess?  And the babysitter didn’t really mention it to me.  Hmm.  Not sure what to do there – call her to figure out what the heck happened with my doorknob?  Ppffffttttt.  

What’s NIA?  (from NIAnow.com) Nia focuses on the sensation of being flexible in the body but also incorporates flexibility of mind and spirit.  “Flexibility is sensed as energy moving outward. It is the physical feeling of releasing power. Dynamic flexibility (the perfect action between contraction and release) relaxes your body and is sensed as opening and lengthening.” 

Be fierce out there!  The school year is upon us!



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