Organizational Survival!

Ok!  I’m back.  I did make it through my overnight babysitting job at the Hipsters’ and it wasn’t scary or uncomfortable at all!  Go me!  The only uncomfortable part was being woken up by a psychologically distressed cat who sat on my head kneading my scalp and howling around 3 AM.  (I hear the poor kitty is on Xanax.)  And – I was even done in the morning in time to make it to church with my family!  Bonus!

I feel like this past week I have been so incredibly disorganized – so I’m going to try to turn over a new leaf this week and get things done bit by bit before the holidays really hit.  We’re not traveling for Thanksgiving this week, so we’ll be around the house a lot – maybe I can get some things done.  Our schedule has changed so dramatically since my dear hubby has not been traveling as much for work.  So – I need to get used to that and still figure out how to “work around him” while he works at home.  Hmmm.  I’ll post on how it goes.  Will be a work in progress I am sure.  The first thing I’m trying to do it put a “daily schedule” together for myself – I’m finding that difficult because most of my days are different.  I’ve been using an electronic calendar and notes on my iPhone, iPad etc. and I am thinking of moving back to a written day planner.  I seem to remember being better organized when I used something like that before.

This week the kids have been having so much fun playing together with their “set ups”.  (Playsets with various action figures all mixed together.)  Its been really nice and I’m always so proud of them for getting along when they do.  Of course it hasn’t been perfect – our oldest has really been “off” the last few days – maybe because of the holidays coming up?  He can smell transition and because of his autism, has a lot of trouble with it.  One of the most debilitating things about his disorder.

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