Lazy morning, nervous evening!

Having a totally lazy morning – so nice!  And my headache is gone, woo!!  Also, some of my general stress is subsiding – or I’m learning to live with it better.  We’ve got some financial strain which is always hard and its not much that we can do anything about at the moment so I just have to learn how to handle it little bits at a time and take a breath and keep plugging away.  Its hard.  And its hard not to worry.  We slept in, G (my lovely nerdy husband) made french toast and we had breakfast.  To be honest, its a little more brown than I would prefer, but he does such a nice egg mix with the cinnamon and whatnot and I love that he loves to make breakfast on the weekends.   Now the kiddos are playing with play doh and watching Super Why on the iPad.  (just a note – we don’t have cable or anything if you’re wondering why the iPad… it was difficult at first – kind of like giving up caffeine or something – but its so much better to watch tv without all the advertisements and you know, our children almost NEVER ask for anything – if they do its “I want this for my birthday” or “I need to ask Santa for this”, such an awesome byproduct).  Um, where was I?  Oh yes – so lazy morning and nervous evening!  I am a SAHM, but I do babysit for others on occasion – mostly in their homes.  Right now I sit for about 4 families when I am available.  I have one family who I affectionately refer to as “the Hipsters”.  They’re young, fashionable,  and hipster-ish, and super nice.  Anyway I’m doing and “overnight” for them today so that they can celebrate their anniversary.  So I’m just a little nervous because I’ve never done this for their particular family before.  Not that I think it’ll be anything out of the ordinary – just new.  I’ve been babysitting for them for over a year now so I’m very comfortable in their home and with their son.  He’s a sweetie.  He’s about a year and a half old now – a great age.  So fun to play with and saying some great words.  So, I’ll head over there around 7pm and will stay until about 10/11AM on Sunday.  Probably means that I will miss church….  😦  but maybe not – we’ll see.  I’ve really grown so fond of my church, I love going – I feel like it fills me up spiritually for the week!  Maybe I could listen to some Joel Osteen if I miss church…..  not quite the same as being there, but it may help.  (I’m a huge Osteen fan!)  

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