ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch!

and ouch!  :-p  I woke up with a headache and its been haunting me all day!  Oy!  It is painful!  I think (think) its one of those weather-type headaches that I get when the weather changes…. and new pressure moves into the area or something?  So basically I’m like a human barometer.  Nice.  So I missed my favorite exercise class this morning because of the headache.  Its a kickboxing class at the YMCA.  I love it – it pushes me and if I make it through the class I feel like I’ve done something for the day.  And unless I’m miraculously feeling better by this evening, I’m missing a night out with some of my “mom friends” from our school district’s children’s center.  We sort of got together and started a “Mom’s Night Out” that we do once a month.  Its fun – just go to dinner and coffee usually afterwards.  Its something that normally I wouldn’t do though because of the time, expense of going out, etc.  So by committing to it, I kind of force myself to at least have a little bit of social life.  But maybe I need to rest today?  I’m thinking yes.  

I did manage to get out the door to get the children to school and then out the door again to pick them up today and honestly that’s been about all I could manage.  Picking them up from school is more time intensive because they play on the playground with their friends after school and although this is mostly “fun” and I could easily urge everyone towards the car to head home – however for my oldest with autism, this is great practice for social interactions and learning social queues.  I can really see such a difference in his interactions with other (neurotypical) children since the beginning of the school year.  So – I stayed – maybe an hour?  And then we left.  Generally I’m pretty chatty with other parents on the playground.  I’m chatty – but I I never quite know if I’m “liked” or not?  Or if I’m being a bother?  I know – my own anxieties!  Ack!  So today because I wasn’t feeling well, I just went to chat with my friend Blondie while our kids played.  

Its Friday night and at our house that’s pizza and a movie night.  I’m super glad.  Today is not the day for me to be thinking about what to cook.  We’d probably end up yogurt.  


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