Organizational Survival!

Ok!  I’m back.  I did make it through my overnight babysitting job at the Hipsters’ and it wasn’t scary or uncomfortable at all!  Go me!  The only uncomfortable part was being woken up by a psychologically distressed cat who sat on my head kneading my scalp and howling around 3 AM.  (I hear the poor kitty is on Xanax.)  And – I was even done in the morning in time to make it to church with my family!  Bonus!

I feel like this past week I have been so incredibly disorganized – so I’m going to try to turn over a new leaf this week and get things done bit by bit before the holidays really hit.  We’re not traveling for Thanksgiving this week, so we’ll be around the house a lot – maybe I can get some things done.  Our schedule has changed so dramatically since my dear hubby has not been traveling as much for work.  So – I need to get used to that and still figure out how to “work around him” while he works at home.  Hmmm.  I’ll post on how it goes.  Will be a work in progress I am sure.  The first thing I’m trying to do it put a “daily schedule” together for myself – I’m finding that difficult because most of my days are different.  I’ve been using an electronic calendar and notes on my iPhone, iPad etc. and I am thinking of moving back to a written day planner.  I seem to remember being better organized when I used something like that before.

This week the kids have been having so much fun playing together with their “set ups”.  (Playsets with various action figures all mixed together.)  Its been really nice and I’m always so proud of them for getting along when they do.  Of course it hasn’t been perfect – our oldest has really been “off” the last few days – maybe because of the holidays coming up?  He can smell transition and because of his autism, has a lot of trouble with it.  One of the most debilitating things about his disorder.


Making a rocketship!

Making a rocketship!

Thought I would share….. my kids are (thankfully) off the electronics for the afternoon! (anyone else have that problem?) And they’re making a rocketship – together no less – awesome-sauce!


Lazy morning, nervous evening!

Having a totally lazy morning – so nice!  And my headache is gone, woo!!  Also, some of my general stress is subsiding – or I’m learning to live with it better.  We’ve got some financial strain which is always hard and its not much that we can do anything about at the moment so I just have to learn how to handle it little bits at a time and take a breath and keep plugging away.  Its hard.  And its hard not to worry.  We slept in, G (my lovely nerdy husband) made french toast and we had breakfast.  To be honest, its a little more brown than I would prefer, but he does such a nice egg mix with the cinnamon and whatnot and I love that he loves to make breakfast on the weekends.   Now the kiddos are playing with play doh and watching Super Why on the iPad.  (just a note – we don’t have cable or anything if you’re wondering why the iPad… it was difficult at first – kind of like giving up caffeine or something – but its so much better to watch tv without all the advertisements and you know, our children almost NEVER ask for anything – if they do its “I want this for my birthday” or “I need to ask Santa for this”, such an awesome byproduct).  Um, where was I?  Oh yes – so lazy morning and nervous evening!  I am a SAHM, but I do babysit for others on occasion – mostly in their homes.  Right now I sit for about 4 families when I am available.  I have one family who I affectionately refer to as “the Hipsters”.  They’re young, fashionable,  and hipster-ish, and super nice.  Anyway I’m doing and “overnight” for them today so that they can celebrate their anniversary.  So I’m just a little nervous because I’ve never done this for their particular family before.  Not that I think it’ll be anything out of the ordinary – just new.  I’ve been babysitting for them for over a year now so I’m very comfortable in their home and with their son.  He’s a sweetie.  He’s about a year and a half old now – a great age.  So fun to play with and saying some great words.  So, I’ll head over there around 7pm and will stay until about 10/11AM on Sunday.  Probably means that I will miss church….  😦  but maybe not – we’ll see.  I’ve really grown so fond of my church, I love going – I feel like it fills me up spiritually for the week!  Maybe I could listen to some Joel Osteen if I miss church…..  not quite the same as being there, but it may help.  (I’m a huge Osteen fan!)  


ouch! ouch! ouch! ouch!

and ouch!  :-p  I woke up with a headache and its been haunting me all day!  Oy!  It is painful!  I think (think) its one of those weather-type headaches that I get when the weather changes…. and new pressure moves into the area or something?  So basically I’m like a human barometer.  Nice.  So I missed my favorite exercise class this morning because of the headache.  Its a kickboxing class at the YMCA.  I love it – it pushes me and if I make it through the class I feel like I’ve done something for the day.  And unless I’m miraculously feeling better by this evening, I’m missing a night out with some of my “mom friends” from our school district’s children’s center.  We sort of got together and started a “Mom’s Night Out” that we do once a month.  Its fun – just go to dinner and coffee usually afterwards.  Its something that normally I wouldn’t do though because of the time, expense of going out, etc.  So by committing to it, I kind of force myself to at least have a little bit of social life.  But maybe I need to rest today?  I’m thinking yes.  

I did manage to get out the door to get the children to school and then out the door again to pick them up today and honestly that’s been about all I could manage.  Picking them up from school is more time intensive because they play on the playground with their friends after school and although this is mostly “fun” and I could easily urge everyone towards the car to head home – however for my oldest with autism, this is great practice for social interactions and learning social queues.  I can really see such a difference in his interactions with other (neurotypical) children since the beginning of the school year.  So – I stayed – maybe an hour?  And then we left.  Generally I’m pretty chatty with other parents on the playground.  I’m chatty – but I I never quite know if I’m “liked” or not?  Or if I’m being a bother?  I know – my own anxieties!  Ack!  So today because I wasn’t feeling well, I just went to chat with my friend Blondie while our kids played.  

Its Friday night and at our house that’s pizza and a movie night.  I’m super glad.  Today is not the day for me to be thinking about what to cook.  We’d probably end up yogurt.  

Who is PinKy?

Welcome to my world

Hi!  I’m Kelly, and this is my blog.  Welcome if you’re reading this!  Some of you may know me as PinKy from my LiveJournal fangrrl persona.  I wanted a place to work through some of the things that I seem to be going through here at the Urban Farmhouse.  I’m one of those people who chats to others in the grocery store, on the playground with my kids, etc and when I find a kindred spirit and strike up a friendship I have a tendency to erroneously, blindly assume that others naturally share my views/interests/hobbies in other things because we already have so much in common!  :-/  Most of the time I am unfortunately wrong.  This usually happens after I grandly put my foot in my mouth with some unintentional, opinionated, blanket statement.  So, I generally feel like I have a lot of acquaintances, some friends, a few GOOD friends, but not many others who really “get” me.  Anyone out there who fits my niche?  Hmm…..  Anyway, as I said, I’m a former “fan-grrl” of various fandoms – mostly Harry Potter, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Battlestar Galactica.  I know, I know, my geeky side is showing.  I actually still moderate a couple of fandom communities over at Livejournal.com if you’re over that way.  The Tom Felton LJ Fan Club (Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter) and Meet_n_Greet05 which is a Burning Man community for folks wanting to make connections with others before heading out to the desert.  (what’s Burning Man??  Google it.  I’ll post on it more later.)  I mostly post about my family, children (3 mons-ners as my daughter would say), autism (my oldest child), anxiety disorders (me!).   So….. I think that’s about it for today.  I have finally just answered a bunch of e-mails that I have owed my friends, I have updated this blog and now I’m going to take a deep breath and see what tomorrow brings.